The Locals

When ever traveling I love to stop and talk with the locals.  In Spain one night after dinner we stopped in a local Gelato shop and meet an older gentleman.  We talked for awhile and I noticed that his English was very good.  So, I asked where he was from?  He immediately lit up and explained that he was a citizen of the world.  He explained, that the had been a professor who had taught in Germany, China, and Spain and had lived all over.  After thinking about that, is that not the best way to think of yourself.  Should we all not first think of ourselves a citizen of the world first.

The Begin. First Post.

This is the first post of the travel blog Pre-Check Travels.  Thank you for taking the time to visit.   I’m in Houston, Texas. The 4th largest city in the US.  Here for a two days and getting a lot done.  Here is a photo of the hotel room.  I judge a hotel room by the shower and this one is really nice, walk-in and all glass wall to wall.  Also, on the bed is an Ipad-Mini that comes with the room, a first for me, nice touch Woodlands Resort.