I love photographing doors, walk around in Spain and you’ll find limitless interesting looking doors.  I always wonder about the history of a door, who made it, why, and when.  Most of all what’s behind it and with some doors what are they trying to keep out.  My fascination with doors is not alone.  Check-out Caryn Cullinan The Door Project a book of doors from 40 cites.

The Begin. First Post.

This is the first post of the travel blog Pre-Check Travels.  Thank you for taking the time to visit.   I’m in Houston, Texas. The 4th largest city in the US.  Here for a two days and getting a lot done.  Here is a photo of the hotel room.  I judge a hotel room by the shower and this one is really nice, walk-in and all glass wall to wall.  Also, on the bed is an Ipad-Mini that comes with the room, a first for me, nice touch Woodlands Resort.